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Iron Workers St. Louis District Council Trust Funds


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Annuity Summary Plan Description  Annuity Summary Plan Description
 TitleModified Date 
Annuity SPD1/23/2015Download
Amendment 6 Hardship Withdrawals1/22/2015Download
Annuity Summary Annual Report (SAR)1/22/2015Download
Notice to Interested Parties - Annuity1/27/2015Download
Frequently Asked Questions11/20/2012Download
Amendment 2, Transfers to and from Trustee Directed6/8/2011Download
Amendment 1, Rollover Contributions6/8/2011Download
Amendment 3 Hardship Withdrawals5/27/2014Download
Amendment 5 Changes Required by the IRS1/22/2015Download
Amendment 4 Revoke Beneficiary if Divorced6/27/2014Download

Annuity Links  Annuity Links

Annuity Forms  Annuity Forms
 TitleModified Date 
Distribution Application6/24/2014Download
Direct Deposit Authorization Form11/9/2012Download
Distribution Application Instructions10/18/2013Download
Hardship Instructions10/18/2013Download
Hardship Application (rev 08/15/2012)11/9/2012Download
Annuity Investment Election Form 5/27/2015Download
Annuity Incoming Rollover Form1/22/2015Download
Annuity Special Tax Notice6/1/2011Download
Beneficiary Election Other Than Spouse Form2/15/2011Download
Beneficiary Election for Annuity2/15/2011Download

Annuity FAQs  Annuity FAQs

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